Relationships matter. Sharing with one another is one of the joys of life. Building relationships is how families grow, deals are forged and business gets done. Being able to give a delicious offering to that important person says, “I care, and appreciate you”. Liz and I just want to help by providing that exceptional product for everyone to spread joy. Our hope is when you share some Luci Mae’s joy, your events are sweeter, meetings go smoother, and your message of “I care (and I have good taste)”, is received with smiles because relationships matter to you too. 

We believe it will only take one bite to convince you Luci Maes gets it!

Liz & Athena 



About Us


We are 100% women owned business based in Alaska. Our goodies are so delicious because of the care and quality ingredients that go in to every treat we make. Each ingredient and supplier is carefully selected by Liz Huffman, who ensures all of Luci Mae's items are wonderfully made. We pride ourselves on delivering joy with every bite and know you will delight everyone you share Luci Mae's with. 


Athena and her husband Charlie live in Anchorage, Alaska with their family. She enjoys spending time with family, being a part of community groups and moving business forward in a soulful way. 


Liz is an avid outdoors woman who thoroughly enjoys the Last Frontier. Together with her husband. Eric and son Max, they explore all that Alaska offers through hiking, and the back country.